He Wants To Do WHAT With My Feet?!?

A  Pedicure & New FlipFlops - What More Could You Ask For?
They say the ideas just flow while you’re in the shower.  That’s certainly the case when it comes to thinking of something to blog about.

So I was in the shower scrubbing the great outdoors off my feet (ah, the joys of walking barefoot in the summer…you can’t do that without the risk of getting a dreaded goat head stuck in your foot in NM!), when I was reminded of an ex-boyfriend. I figured if the fabulous Miss Attitude can have her Meet the Exes Monday, then today would be a fun day to share – even if it’s not a Monday.

I can’t remember his name, and I can’t remember all too much about him.  To be honest, we weren’t dating all that long.  But I do remember that he worked on some top secret flying stuff (this was in NM where the largest employer is the military, remember).

And I found out after we were dating that he loved him some feet. Oddly, while we were dating, I thought he was quite the boring, straight-laced guy.  It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it?

About two years or so after our dating period, he found my profile on one of the online dating sites and dropped me a note.  He was still quite boring, but it was nice hanging out again and catching up.  It was very small worldish, when I found out that he’d bought a house at the opposite end of the (very, very long) street from where my good friends live – on a mountain top basically in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously.

Right about this time, I was moving out of my small apartment and into my friend’s house.  He volunteered to help me move across town – gotta love a man with a pick up.  It was during one of these trips across town that he told me how happy he was that we met up again.  It was also during one of these conversation that he told me about how much he always loved me feet.

I’ll be honest, this freaked me out just a bit.  He never really went into details, but I got the idea that if I’d let him know that I was okay with it, that he could have done some interesting stuff with my tootsies.  I’m still not exactly sure just what that was.

I did ask him though why he never did anything about it (I love me some foot massages).  He explained that I was always running around barefoot.  I guess he was hoping for more of the stinky foot stuck in shoes all day and not my dirty, loving the land, look at my pretty pedicure kind of feet. Though come to think of it, I think he was also into the stiletto wearing, walk on me Misstress may I have some more sort thing as well.  But I’m not certain.

If I recall correctly, he was never heard from again after sharing that secret.  Too bad, I think about him every time I talk to or visit my friends atop that gorgeous mountain in New Mexico.  If I remembered his name (I’m so bad with names) I’d Google him.  But I don’t.  So I can’t.

Have you dated any guys (or gals) with weird fetishes or requests?

3 thoughts on “He Wants To Do WHAT With My Feet?!?

  1. Steve

    You mean like the guy that wanted me to sit naked across from him on the kitchen floor and roll hard boil eggs at him? Recently, I have crossed virtual paths with three of my exes..and oh, the stories…I had to tell them all…there is a reason we aren’t together anymore….

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