Days Like This Were Made For a Hammock


Today, in the sunny San Fernando Valley, it’s a breezy 84 degrees.  It’s the perfect sort of weather to hang out outside (in the shade). If I had my dream house, with my dream backyard, the boys and I would be working out on the patio or swinging along on a hammock.

Sadly, we have no shade trees, no lounge chairs, no hammock and well, no patio or even a backyard to use.  Such is apartment life.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped the boys and I from spending some time just relaxing out on the front stoop.

And I know that I’ll have that laptop ready, relaxing backyard in no time!

Photo by Living in Monrovia

1 thought on “Days Like This Were Made For a Hammock

  1. Kristen

    We have a backyard but live in what I like to call The Land of Little Trees. It is a new development and our trees wouldn’t stand up to a hammock 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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