It Was Long Ago and It Was Far Away

There are just some songs that the moment you hear them, you raise the volume and start singing and dancing regardless of where you are or who might be watching.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this joyful experience not once, but twice with Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light. The first time, it popped up in my iTunes shuffle mix. The second time, I was driving home from an event and it came on the radio (man, was my volume up today when I got back in my car). Then today, I was reminded of my college days with an old Housemartins video I stumbled upon in a graphic artist’s blog.

Thank the Powers that Be for YouTube…

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights – Meatloaf

I will say, I’ve noticed that if you’re not just the right age, you could really care less about Meatloaf and this awesomest of awesome songs. My husband, a music fanatic, had never even heard this song (or thought enough of it to remember it) before I played it for him (at full volume, of course) – then again, he also didn’t know that Meatloaf played Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  His younger sister also hadn’t heard the song when I had it played at my wedding. My younger friends at the wedding also didn’t recognize it. So my totally inaccurate, non-scientific theory is…if you’re not between 38-43, this song means nothing to you.  And that’s a shame if I do say so myself.

Happy Hour – Housemartins

2 thoughts on “It Was Long Ago and It Was Far Away

  1. emma

    I would completely agree with this except that I never recognize a song until it’s halfway done.

    And you gotta love Meatloaf, just because.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Eh, I can recognize the songs, but if it’s post ’89, I don’t I can tell you the band or the title, or even get a small portion of the lyrics right. Hell, most of the time, I can’t tell one pop star (or country star) from another, I’ve gotten so bad.

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