It’s Official, It’s Been a Helluva Week

I was trying to recall just why it is I didn’t seem to get around to posting in any of my blogs. I managed to start a couple of posts in each, but never got around to finishing them.

Then I remembered the week – keep in mind, in between all this, I was working on various projects…

Friday: drive down to Temecula for a pre-dinner meeting

Saturday: biz meeting in Fallbrook, drive back home

Sunday: different biz meeting in LA

Monday: 2-3 hour doctor appointment

Tuesday: business lunch and evening networking event

Wednesday: only day with nothing planned and dinner at home – worked on finalizing ’08 taxes

Thursday: LWL event

Friday: date night with hubs (still talked business)

Saturday: avoiding the intense Valley heatwave and headed out for two movies &  dinner with a friend

Today: relaxing day at home, in the AC avoiding all the smoke and ash from the nearby fires

La Canada Fires

La Canada Fires

This week, I’m happy to say, is much more low key and I’m really looking forward to it.  Now if we can only get the cooler temperatures we had a couple weeks back and get rid of those nasty fires then all would be good.

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