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I can’t think of the last time I called in sick.  Then again, I’ve been working from home now, in one form or another for the past 8 or 9 years now.  In which case, I’ve been in charge of my own schedule.  And if I was feeling under the weather and couldn’t make a meeting or client visit, I’d just reschedule.

Not today.

The hubs has been working some loooong hours on a relaunch and typically has been coming to bed between 2:00 and 4:00AM.  Mind you, on days I teach, I get up at 6:00. Some days I sleep through his arrival to bed, on other days I’m not so lucky.

Today shortly after he came to bed, I realizied that I was feeling pretty crappy.  It seemed like last night’s dinner wasn’t agreeing with me.  I tried to ignore it.  I worked on getting rid of it. About 45 minutes later, the chills and the metalic taste started in.

Not a good sign.

Needless to say (without boring you with the details), around 4:30 this morning, I emailed in to my boss and my teaching assistant letting them know that I wouldn’t be in.  I then emailed my kids part of the day’s assignment (emailing attachments) and went back to bed to shiver some more. I figured with all this talk about swine flu (whatever) and knowing that a friend of mine currently has the flu, that it would be wiser to avoid interacting with my students and stay home.  Well, that and I was a little fearful of that commute over the canyon to get to work and back should I actually get sick.

Turns out it was a wasted sick day.  I never actually got sick.  I woke up at 8:00 and felt just fine.  I guess my healing work worked after all – I’m not surprised as I’m getting much better at allowing it.

But now I feel guilty for calling in.  Like I was a slacker or something.

I will say though, based on the emails the kids sent me, my TA did a much better job with the assignment that I would have done.  I totally forgot that I’m not just teaching these guys HOW to do something, but WHY it’s useful out in the real world.  So I think they had a great lesson without me.  And I guess all is good.

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