A Portrait of Tortured Love

You know those little stuffed animals you get at the Hallmark store around Valentine’s Day?  You know, the ones with magnetic hands? I have a pair.

The year my now hubs and I were first dating, we picked up a pair. I kept one (Bo) with me in Albuquerque, and the hubs kept the other (Pinky) with him in LA. We’d bring them together when we met up.

Why yes, I do realize that’s incredibly cheesy, thankyouverymuch.

Well, today the husband thought it would be amusing to separate our furry little lovers* and leave them in a tortured lovers vignette…

Pinky and Bo: The Love Bears

Boys will be boys, I guess.

* I can only imagine the search results that this quote will bring in

2 thoughts on “A Portrait of Tortured Love

  1. Sundry

    Ha! Years ago when I worked at UCLA’s management library, I had a couple of little animals on my desk. One was a squeaky dinosaur that my husband got me and one was a little stuffed puffin a librarian brought me back from a trip. As part of processing some monthly periodicals I’d remove the little ribbon place keepers from them and ended up with a bunch of them tied to my book truck. I came in one morning to find a type-written suicide pact note and both dolls hanging by their necks from the end of my truck. Luckily, it was funny!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    That’s funny. And makes me realize it could’ve been worse. Then again, he was slowly moving Pinky around to get closer to her Bo and the next time I looked, she was stuck in the door getting squished. Not cool at all. Next step would have been on the floor and a part-time job as a chew toy for the pupster. Rest assured, they’re back together now 😉

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