Today is a ‘Love Actually’ Kind of Day

Here I manage to make it all the way through NaBloPoMo and then I just disappear. Beyond lame. But what can I say, I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas and planning a vacation. And now, my last week of teaching for the semester and I’ve managed to come down with a cold.

So today, I’m hanging inside, enjoying the rainy weather, snuggling with the boys and drinking my Throat Coat tea (best stuff ever for sore throats). I figured with Christmas right around the corner, this would be a perfect time to watch Love Actually for the umpteenth time.

I think that movie can make anything and everything better. And of course, who wouldn’t want a wedding surprise like this one…

2 thoughts on “Today is a ‘Love Actually’ Kind of Day

  1. Kat

    I watch it at least once a year around this time. Since it takes place around Christmas, I pretend it’s a Christmas movie.

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