Has This Been a Typical Monday For You?

This weekend I was either running around doing errands (like donating to the local SPCA) or in bed sleeping off migraines (thankyouverymuch el niño). I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to make it out to see Lauren Luke at Sephora either.

Of course, this made to today a tough day to get back down to business.

Mind you, it didn’t help that the dog was up and down all last night asking to be let out because he’s sick.  It also doesn’t help that he left piles of puke everywhere you turned.  Poor little guy.  He seems to be doing better, but he’s also all snuggled tight on the chair in a massive pile o’blanket.  He felt bad enough that he barely even barked at the lawn guys.

So today I did what I could to get some work done.  I realized that this is the last week in January and I go back to teaching again in 7 weeks.  Needless to say, I’ve got to actually accomplish something in these next 7 weeks or I’ll feel like I wasted my whole semester off.

So how about you, how was your Monday?  Were you off to a good start?

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