Beauty Blogger, Lauren Luke is Coming to LA

I am not a beauty blogger (nor do I pretend to be one). But I do love me some make up.  And even more so, I like learn what I can about applying make up.

I recently discovered beauty blogger vlogger sensation, Lauren Luke.  She’s a Brit that offers up make up tutorials and can teach you how to recreate celebrity looks.  The cool thing about her videos (aside from her adorable dogs nearby)  is that she doesn’t edit her videos, so you see how she does her looks in real time.  And she’s putting the make up on herself, so you see how you could do it yourself. And that’s some useful information, if you ask me.

This year, she actually got her own line of color palettes that are being sold exclusively at Sephora. And to spread the word, she’s been doing an Inspiration Nation road trip across the US. 

This Saturday (tomorrow), she’ll be in LA at the Sephora Century City for the final stop of her tour from 6:00-8:00pm.

This is your chance to check out her line (I’m totally eying the My Vintage Glams kit) and visit with Lauren.  And the good news, it’s totally open to the public; you don’t have to be a blogger or in the industry.  If I get the chance, I’ll definitely be asking her how she gets those amazingly long and lush eye lashes.

And let’s face it, with all the rain we’ve been having lately, you could do with a pretty little break away, where it’s dry.  And did I mention that you’ll feel all sorts of pretty?

6 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger, Lauren Luke is Coming to LA

  1. Michelle

    I love Lauren Luke. I've been eyeing a few of her kits as well. If you watch her vids you can see how she applies her mascara – put the wand all the way to the lashline and wiggle it back and forth as your bring the wand up to the ends. I've been practicing doing it that way myself and am definitely noticing a difference.

  2. amandalynn88

    Ahh, I'd love to meet Lauren! I absolutely love her easy to follow tutorials and her gorgeoussss makeup palettes. I wish she came to Philadelphia!

  3. JanineP

    Lauren Luke has to be one of the most creative people around. By watching her videos I've leaned so many new techniques and cool creative looks. I wish she'd come to my state. I'd love to meet her!!

  4. Katy Tafoya

    I think I have to watch a couple of her videos more closely. She most definitely has some neat stuff out there and she's amazingly creative. I'm kinda bummed I missed her appearance, but I'll let you know what I think of the kit once I get it.

  5. Katy Tafoya

    Maybe she'll come back around when her new products launch. It looks like she did a brief tour with only five cities. I'm bummed I was migrained out and didn't get to see her.

  6. Katy Tafoya

    Hi Janine! Thanks for stopping by. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with what I've seen. I really do think she's got a great knack for showing us how it's done. I just might dig a little deeper and play around a bit more…I've always wanted to master the smokey eye.

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