The Little Guy is Finally On the Mend

It’s times like when I’m dealing with a sick dog that I remind myself of two things that I’m extremely grateful for: 1) that I’m not a mother and don’t have to take care of an infant or sick or teething kids and 2) that I work from home and don’t have to go to an office at a particular time.

It’s good to be me.

And it’s even better to know that my little guy is feeling better.

As I mentioned the other day, we had some rough patches over these past couple of days; blood in his vomit, diarrhea, not eating or drinking, shallow breathing, total lethargy.  But after IV and love from his brother, Charlie (seen here lying completely on top of him – typically, this is unacceptable according to Griffin) Monday and some subcutaneous fluid treatment yesterday, he woke today like a brand new boy.

He inhaled his breakfast.  He’s been drinking water again.  He’s taking his medicine and keeping everything down. He’s barking at the mail man and the meter reader.  And better yet…he’s playing with his favorite squeaky toy and asking me to throw it (which I won’t do yet – but I will “hide” it under a blanket so he can go “find” it).  And he’s full of stinky breathed, doggie kisses.

Today is a good, good day.

And worth nothing…I absolutely love my vet clinic (Animal Medical Center in Van Nuys) and their doctors.  Any doctor – pet or human – that actually follows up with phone calls and stays late to make sure you’re taken care of is an angel in my book and worth recommending to any and everyone.

3 thoughts on “The Little Guy is Finally On the Mend

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks!! He was completely back to normal just a couple days after his IV and fluids. Who knew dogs could get a flu-like virus.

  2. Katy Tafoya

    Thanks for the good thoughts. The little guy was better just a couple days later. I'm still surprised to find out that dogs can catch a flu-like virus like that. Who knew?

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