Sometimes I Gal Just Needs a Little Pretty

This Friday, I was invited to the launch of a new hysterically funny and deliciously offensive mockumentary, Pretty: The Series.

After a little bit of a bumpy (but giggly) start with some AV mishaps, we were treated to the first three episodes and a blooper real of the series.  After having reviewed the first episode for my write-up, I was surprised to find out how much dialog I actually missed because we were all laughing so hard.

This funny and amusingly offensive mockumentary series centers around the world of children’s beauty pageants (the “Miss Stars Eyes Pageant” to be precise). The setup goes like this: Michael Champagne (Sam Pancake) is the very proud, if not a little “swishy” father to Annette (Stacy McQueen), our little pageant princess (who happens to be played by an adult). Michale is married to Ribina (Dee Freeman), the professional smoker that supports the family, who is fooling around every chance she gets with Michael’s brother, Ethan (Troy Conrad). Whew.

It’s written and directed by Steve Silverman, who says, “It’s ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ meets ‘Reno 911’ meets everything that’s politically incorrect, but just a whole heck of a lot of fun to say out loud in the world today.”

The laughs (and the series) officially launches today, February 1st. But episodes can be pulled up online all day everyday at their website,

Here’s the official trailer to tease you a little…then head on over to check out the first episode and be prepared to chuckle your way through the four minute clip.

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