Escape From Antibiotics

Yikes, in the past three years, I’ve written 25 posts about having sinus challenges.  Now imagine how many of posts in the past three years (too many to reread in my book) were written while I was feeling crappy with sinus issues and didn’t bother mentioning it.

Now that’s a whole helluva LOT of antibiotics.

So much so that most of the time last year, I was one some pretty heavy duty stuff.  And yes, this was starting to worry me (and my doctor) so we started talking surgery.  Right about that time, I started doing a little research.  I remembered reading about Wil Weaton’s sinus surgery a while back and it was sounding a bit scary.

Then I found Sinus Wars.  Basically, they offer up various homeopathic formulas to help to alleviate if not reverse the symptoms.  They had rave reviews and I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.  Not much of an investment…forty bucks.  And if it worked, it would save me plenty.

And I am so glad I did.  For the most part, my symptoms are nearly gone.  All my symptoms.  And I’m one happy camper.

So for the past six or so months, I’ve been free of antibiotics and any sort of sinus pain, pressure or annoyance.  Woohoo!!

Until yesterday, that is.


Seems my acne has been acting up again and has started getting cystic.  So off I went to the dermatologist to see if we could change up my topical perscription.  I figured it would be a simple change up.

Imagine my surprise when she put me on antibiotics.  And not just any antiobiotics mind you. Nope. I’m back on the heavy duty shit for the next two months.

So now I wonder (besides why I’m a 40 year-old still breaking out) if it was all the antibiotics from the sinus infections that maybe kept my acne in check.  Or if I’m just made that way.

“Dr. M. Alan Menter, chief of dermatology at Baylor Medical Center in Texas, says the problem is worse in women than men, with more than half of women between ages 25 and 58 getting some degree of adult acne.”

That’s insane.  But also my saving grace…knowing that I’m not alone.  But I’m more than ready for clean skin again.  So if I must take antibiotics, then I will.  I’ll just be sure to supplement any other antibiotic-related illnesses with colloidal silver and nutrients.

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