That Was One Helluva Massage….Ouch!

I didn’t realize how busy my week was until I had to cancel my scheduled day today.  I’ve basically been booking my days solid with client phone calls and meetings.

Today I was scheduled to visit with one of our clients down San Diego way but had to reschedule.  Dork that I am, I booked a massage before my chiropractic adjustment and well, managed to mess up my back.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I got a massage (before my scheduled chiropractic adjustment).  And yes, that massage fucked up my back.  So much so that I could barely walk out the door.

So I rescheduled today’s drive down south and decided to stay close to home today.  And sit with some ice.

Little did I know that this being the first day in over a week that I had a “free” day, I would also lose any motivation to do much of anything.  Which I guess could be a good thing considering the hubby came home sick today.  If only I had a good, non-business book to sink into.

And then there’s Valentine’s Day coming up…I can’t decide if we should stay in and cook (as I’ve done in the past), just order in something like Chinese or Indian, or maybe, since it’s a weekend to just go ahead and head out somewhere.  I’m just typically not a fan of the prix fixe menus and massively increased prices solely because it’s Valentine’s Day.  Eh, then again, I’m one of those that really do see the Hallmark-ization of the day.  Who knows.

That said, it’s time to settle down with an ice pack yet again, so…what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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