Crazy Cat Lady Aside…

Apparently, you can take the elementary school teacher out of the classroom for over 10 years, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher…

Setting the Scene: I’m at the sink washing dishes.  I just finished putting the chili together and had given the boys some of the grease from the ground beef.

From over the sink, I yell out the cat: “are you finished there Charlie?  Can you bring your tray to me?”

From the husband in living room: “what did you ask him to bring you?”

Me, still washing dishes: “his tray, why?”

The husband, chuckling to himself: “tray? you mean the bowl?”

Me: “yeah, his bowl. That’s what I said.”

Moral: I guess after years of asking the kids to pick up their trays so we can move on after lunch in the cafeteria, I apparently still think everyone (more importantly, my cat) eats their meals off of a tray…sigh.

That and well, I must be well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady as I’m fully expecting my cat to walk his dirty dish right on over to me when he’s done…let alone talking to him like he’s human.

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