On Location: 24 and My Local Macy’s

One of the cool things about living in the metro LA area is all the random filming that’s done around town.  Where I live there’s actually quite a bit.  We’ve seen Family Jewels, CSI, The Closer, The Mentalist, Saving Grace, Super Bad and quite a few other things I either don’t recall or never got around to asking about.

Imagine my surprise when I headed to my local Macy’s today trying to track down a t-shirt that I knew was on sale and I saw this…




Complete with a fake coffee bar (love how the cups are already waiting on the tables)…

It all made for some interesting shopping since they had cable, lights and equipment everywhere.  I’m figuring that they’ll be doing some chasing through the plus department there on the right of the coffee shop since that’s where most of the mess was.  Made it challenging to find my bargains (but I did succeed – saved $147 & spent only $45).  There’s also a few baby strollers stuffed behind the coffee counter, so I’m thinking there’ll be “moms” hanging out drinking their coffee.

And totally unrelated, but the other night we were poking around on the Private Practice sound stage. I didn’t bother taking any photos since it was mostly just hospital stuff (beds, nurses station, hallways). Violet’s house was there as well, but it’s not something you would have recognized from a photo if you saw it out of context. I am glad I didn’t park in their parking space considering at the time we had no idea if they were still filming (we also avoided the Ugly Betty and the Army Wives’ spots) and decided to settle for Peer Music instead (no clue what or who that is).


2 thoughts on “On Location: 24 and My Local Macy’s

  1. Katy Tafoya

    I know, right?!?! I think it was the coffee shop where it clearly doesn't belong that freaked me out the most. Otherwise, where don't we see filming around these parts?

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