Did You Go To Blogger Prom?

Last Wednesday was one of the coolest parties in LA, the 2nd annual Blogger Prom. This a big deal and a great way to mingle with other local bloggers. And of course, since it was basically started by a slew of foodie bloggers, you better believe it’s a killer party.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend this year (yes, sick again). I can’t figure out what I was more bummed about…missing the awesome fashion, the amazing food and drinks (I can’t believe I missed the The Cheese Impresario!), the giveaways (oh sweet Jesus, the giveaways!) or the swag bag (I heard the swag bag was beyond killer!).

Last year, they had an 80’s prom theme (which I totally failed when it came to my outfit) and this year it was a Hollywood Confidential theme. Imagine all those gorgeous dresses, fantastic hairstyles and the dramatic make up.

For photos and recaps of the event (you know, from people who were actually there), check out the official Blogger Prom blog, the photographer’s official photos, their Facbook Page and their Flickr page.  Now you can be bummed that you missed out on a great party too.

Can’t wait for next year’s prom!!

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