Thirty Days of Gratitude: Modern Medicine

DAY EIGHT – Modern Medicine: I’ve written about it far too many times to even bother recounting, but yes, I seem to be sick…again.  I actually just finished my first week of antibiotics. But well…I fly again this week and I still feel all congested. So I opted to try for a second week as well.  My goal here is to just not make things worse than they are.  And while I’ve been on antibiotics far more than I’m comfortable with, let’s face it…modern medicine works.  Then again, up until this last flight, I was doing just fine going the herbal and homeopathic route too (which I’ll return to hardcore once I get back home).

So for today…I am grateful that I have the best doctor in the world – she doesn’t even require me to see her for my sinus infections and she’s always there when I need to heal – and for the wonders of modern medicine.

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