Thirty Days of Gratitude: Family of Friends

The NM Gang

DAY ELEVEN – Family of Friends: It’s often been said that we may not be able to pick our family, but we can most definitely pick our friends.  I’ve always been blessed with an amazing “family” of friends…everywhere I’ve lived.  This trip back to New Mexico, I was able to sit down, like a family over a good, home-cooked meal, with my dear friends.  Richard and I are in the middle there, my best friend (and former roommate), Julia and her man Ed are on the left, and my mother-figure (for lack of a better term…this is the woman that made me cry when she came into the ready room at my wedding), Effie, and her main man, Doug (who often feels like my big brother).  It took a while – and a LOT of laughter – to finally get this picture, but I love everything about it.

So for today…I am so grateful knowing that I have an amazing family of friends that I can always count on for love, laughter, advice and a great dinner!

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