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First Ever Gluten Summit!

And of course, that should really read something more like “first ever summit about the gluten free lifestyle.”  But I’m sure you get the point.

gluten-summitHow many times have you eaten something and felt horrible?  In one way or another.  How many times have you felt horrible for days and couldn’t even make a connection to something you might have eaten since you didn’t eat anything different than usual?

Have you been hearing so much talk about everyone going gluten free (might even think it’s a fad – big mistake there!) and started to wonder if maybe your aches, your pains, your migraines, your bloating could be related to gluten after all?

That’s how I got started in my gluten free journey.  I never would have put together all my symptoms – migraines, acne, chronic sinus infections, bloating, IBS-like bouts, gurgling digestion, achy back, aching joints, etc – as to having anything to do with having a gluten sensitivity.  And sadly, neither did my doctors.

Well, thankfully, there are more and more good resources out there for some solid information (I’ll be sharing some of my favorites to come).

This week in particular, Dr. Tom O’Bryan (Facebook) is running the first even online summit for all things gluten, gluten free and yes, gluten sensitivity and Celiacs.  And it’s all completely free.  You’ll definitely want to check it out.

I first heard about Dr Tom from Sean Croxtin’s Real Food Summit (and podcast).  And I have to say, I’ve learned a LOT from hearing him speak.  And the reason I’ve been pushing him so much to my friends lately is that he’s actually easy to listen to and to understand.  He makes it all make sense.

So definitely check out The Gluten Summit.  It’s totally free and all online.  And while you might not be able to catch all the experts (nor would I suggest you even try to do), I know you’ll find something useful.

Check out the video below for more info.


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