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Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Sonoma Edition

Consider yourself warned…this is a long post, with photos.


Sonoma was fun. Sonoma was cold. Sonoma was rainy. Herbie was awesome! Really, that’s the trip right there. Fun, but cold and rainy with a great show. We didn’t get to do pretty much anything on our brief list of things to do – no cave tour, no fancy, delicious dinner since we ran out of time on Friday and they only do dinner on the weekends and we were flying out Saturday night. And the camera barely came out of my purse since it was so crappy out. Oh well.

Instead we hung out on the square for the first time. We tasted some chocolate at Wine Country Chocolates – and of course bought some champagne and zinfandel truffles (yum!). We enjoyed some wine with some cheese over at the Sonoma Wine Shop (OMG YUM!). We bought two bottles of wine (an unoaked ’07 Chard from Valley of the Moon and an awesome ’06 Miner Viognier from Simpson Vineyard) and took a ’04 Merlot from Millerick Road from backstage. We also bought some cheese from the cheese tasting – a Humbolt Fog from Cypress Grove Chevre and a killer dry Monterery Jack from Vella Cheese Company – both are absolutely delicious. And I did a little shopping at the outlet center before we left (hello new purse!). So not in the plan, but that rain, well, it messed us up a bit.

If you’re heading out to Sonoma, be sure to stop at the Sonoma Wine Shop – $5 tastings (good pours too and they really take the time to ask what you like) and $5 cheese tastings to go with your wine (and again, they really take the time to ask what you like and pair things up). Best $15 we spent – two wine tastings and some cheese. And again, it shares the courtyard with Wine Country Chocolates. What more could you ask for?!?

As for Herbie’s performance, it was awesome. Probably my favorite so far (and while I’m most definitely not a fan of jazz, I do see quite a few Herbie shows). I chose to sit in the audience instead of hanging backstage. Forty-five minutes or so and he was still only on the second song! It was great though to be in the middle of the audience when he played Rockit. He hasn’t played that song life in years (he said nearly 20, but I believe he’s played it somewhere else – non-US show – a few years back). We’re talking about the crowd just freaking out, jumping up out of their seats, dancing everywhere you looked. It was so cool. For a more musical review (by someone that likes and knows jazz), here you go.

And now for the photographic part of this Wednesday post. Too bad half the photos didn’t upload and dingdong me deleted them from the card already. Oh well, it’s not like I took many pictures to begin with (and it’s not like I won’t be seeing Herbie again…soon).

Writing up the setlist…

Jess Writing Up the Set List

During sound check…

Backstage @ Sonoma Jazz Rehearsal

During Rockit…

Herbie Hancock & Vinnie Colaiuta