A Day in the Life of a WWer

Well, today is by no means a typical day for someone on Weight Watchers. No, it’s more like a typical day for someone that has fallen off the Weight Watchers wagon *sigh*

I’ve noticed since starting back up on a low-dose birth control that mid-cycle I seem to get crazy hungry. I mean the crazy sort of hungry where you just eat everything in sight. Or in my case, you go grocery shopping and eat everything you impulsively purchased after first chowing down on some Wendy’s (at least it was the lower point, smaller sized stuff).

But you know, just because you pig out on diet food (and a little Ben & Jerry’s – hey, a pint is little!) doesn’t mean that it was any less of a pig out. Mind you, I’m making salad for dinner, but again, I’ve already exceeded what would surely be considered at least 2 days worth of points. So it’s not like that salad is saving me too much.

I’ve got to get back on track. I know I can do it. I can definitely exercise again (my leg is healing great!). I just seem to be lacking the motivation and focus. Dammit, I’ve got SXSW in a few weeks and I was truly hoping to be in a smaller size by then. I really have no excuse. And the constant need to compare myself to others that seem so much more motivated and on track – yeah, that needs to stop too.

I will get my focus and my drive back. I will! And I will stop comparing myself to others. I will!

Focus. Focus. FOCUS!

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