Good Karma Baby!

I’m working on making a couple of deposits to my Good Karma Bank! Well, truth be told, I’ve been doing a lot of work lately towards mellowing out – I seem to be able to yell at traffic and lousy drives like a trucker, but I’m getting better, I assure you 😉 But I’ve really been going out of my way to do some random acts of kindness and doing what I can do to help others.

And now, my main focus is on my sister-in-law’s (hereby known as SIL) upcoming baby shower this weekend. My new SIL is a lovely Indonesian woman with no family here in the US and very few friends or co-workers. So I’ve taken upon myself to plan her shower (I did her bridal shower as well) with my other SILs. It’s becoming a little frustrating in that 1) none of her friends are actually RSVPing, 2) my other co-hosting SILs aren’t returning my emails and 3) she’s missing quite a few key, modern, baby-raising, conveniences.

So instead of dwelling on all of that, I’m just moving forward and shopping up a storm! Lucky for me (well, for my pregger SIL really), a good friend of mine handed down some adorable baby clothes already. So at least we know the baby will have some of the basics, like onsies and blankets covered.

But man, I’ve been spending money left and right! I picked up three outfits last week on sale and now today I picked up two more cute t-shirt onsies to go with the overalls that my friend passed along. On top of that, I picked up a vibrating, bouncy chair, a boppy (with a too cool, reversible cover) and the head-thingie for the car seat – all things that she didn’t register for. Oh yeah, I’ve also picked up a cutie patootie pair of sneakers during the Old Navy sale (and a few things for myself – it’s why I was there to begin with!). Hopefully, she’ll like everything.

Now I just need to figure out what food-stuff I should make as well. I think, since it will be a small group that we’re just doing a sandwich tray with side salads, fruit and veggies. And let’s not forget the mango cake from the Asian bakery. Any other ideas?

And speaking of shopping, since I leave for SXSWi in a week, I’ve also been doing some shopping for myself. Maybe I’ll post some of my fun finds a little later in the week. For now, I have some bookkeeping entries to do since we’d like to have that done and handed off to a real bookkeeper before I leave for SXSWi.

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