Bread Does Not Seem to be My Friend…

Aside from the obvious reason (if you saw me, you wouldn’t doubt the obvious) bread just doesn’t do well in this house. Regardless of where I put it, it starts to mold in a couple of days. I don’t remember that being a problem before moving here. I keep changing where I store it, but the only place it won’t get moldy is in the fridge. And well, once it moves into the fridge, it’s only decent for toast. Really, I can’t seem to win.

In closing, bread is NOT my friend and I’m pissed that I just paid $4 for six low point bagels only to have to throw half of them away!!!

Two random life-note, asides…

1) I shouldn’t have to pick up dog poop that belongs to other dogs!! If I can pick up after my dog when I walk him, then my darling neighborhood friends can kindly do the same.

2) I made a new workout mix today and had a good workout. Now I’m just trying to control those post-workout munchies with a yogurt, some cheese and a few nuts *argh*

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