Calling All Domestic Divas! I Need Some Help…

Two very embarrassing cleaning questions…

One: how do I clean my mini-blinds? It’s beyond a simple brushing. The dirt and grime is pretty intense (no clue where the actual grime came from) and I’m tired of looking at it. Do I have to take the actual blinds down or can I spray on some cleaner and wipe it down with some paper towels or rags? Or do I ask the landlord for their suggestion? If at all possible, I’d really rather not have to take them down.

I can admit it though, I’m SO not my grandmother and I don’t embrace this whole spring cleaning or deep cleaning ritual. But now, well, I’m just tired of looking at it and it’s not like it’s going to clean itself *sigh* Well, at least I can cook right?

Two: does anyone have any proven methods for whitening the whites? My sheets are so dingy looking (I blame the laundromat) and nothing I use seems to help – not bleach, not oxy, not vinegar, not cream of tartar, not baking soda (or is it’s powder? you know, the stuff in the yellow box) and not the liquid blueing stuff. I’ve heard that some time in the sun helps, but I’m not sure that’s possible (though my landlords do have a line out back that they use from time to time). Any other ideas?

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