I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

And while I know when I’ll be back again, I might not remember everything. Ah…wine country! Should be a blast and most definitely needed.

Here it is, shortly after midnight and yes, we did indeed just finish packing. Mind you, I had things pretty much pre-packed (and I was packed) I was just waiting on the hubby to put in his two cents. I have no desire to be *that* kind of wife that packs for my husband. Instead, I pre-pack and then nag until he finishes. Much better, right?

I might be stopping by with the occasional post or picture, but I can’t make any promises. I mean, if I can walk away from my website for a week, I shouldn’t have to feel obligated to keep up with a blog with a whole 9 or so readers, right?

Now if only I could pull the hubby away from his computer. Yes, it’s the eve of our vacation and he’ll be up late again working. The good news, the first two nights he’ll won’t have internet access outside of what his crackberry might pick up. So maybe he’ll relax after all.


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