Wow, I’ve lost count on how many fires there are in the general, LA area. I think, besides the three I’ve already mentioned, there are now 2 more out in San Bernardino, one in Fontana (less than 4 miles from my sister-in-law’s place), and now another in Irvine. And of course, they’re all big and they’re all crazy due to those damn Santa Ana’s. This is all just insane. Let’s hope the winds calm down enough so they can get things under control.

I thought I smelled smoke just a bit ago, but when we went outside we couldn’t see anything. It must just be smoke on the wind from one of the nearby fires. You should have seen the sunset today. While it was a beautiful sky, just knowing that it was all the smoke in the air that caused such beauty kind of ruined it.

Let’s just hope the fires stay away. One year we had fires in the hills over in Burbank, and a few months back we had the fire a mile or so away in Griffith Park. I can’t say I knew that SoCal was known for their fire season before moving out here. Fires and earthquakes, not quite my thing.

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