Back to the Land of Enchantment


Last night I went looking through all my digital photos looking for something that represented Albuquerque to me. I remember all those years of taking photos in Old Town and during Balloon Fiesta. Well, turns out all I have digitally are my going away party pictures, my moving truck pictures and a batch from the last roadtrip that my roomie and I took before I left. Notice a theme here?

This photo above is what’s left of the army post at Fort Union on the Santa Fe Trail. We headed out there because I’ve always wanted to see wheel ruts from the Calistoga wagons. So we drove the couple of hours to get there and started taking pictures of what we thought were the wheel ruts. Turns out they were wheel ruts alrighty…from a pickup truck (see below). Yeah, disappointing.

Ruts from a Pickup

On our way back to the freeway, we stopped at the museum and asked them where the damn ruts were. Turns out, they’re right along side of both the road and the freeway. Um…but they look just like every other natural arroyo (as evidenced below). Which of course makes me wonder if it’s arroyo or ruts over on the Turquoise Trail into Madrid.

Santa Fe Trail Wheel Ruts

So while I may not have many digital photos of New Mexico in my arsenal, I do hope to get a couple good shots will visiting this weekend. That is if I can find the time between the margaritas, the green chile and the sopapillas!! Yum!  New Mexico, here I come!

5 thoughts on “Back to the Land of Enchantment

  1. Leslie

    Gorgeous photos! I especially love the first one. I went to New Mexico as a child, and seeing those photos brought back a ton of memories.

  2. Marika

    Hello! With best regards from Poland! We have similar blog’s adress 😉 Kitkat.

    PS Fine photos.
    PS 2 Sorry for my English, I learn German, I study Polish filology…

  3. Athena714

    Beautiful photos! My in-laws live in Cedar Crest, just outside Albuquerque, so we have been there many times, but we usually just hang out at their house or in town. I’ve never seen the surrounding areas like that. Stunning!

  4. Kat

    Leslie – thanks!! I was actually pleasantly surprised that those photos look halfway decent. They were taken years ago with a total piece of shit digicam. But regardless, NM is beautiful.

    Marika – thanks & welcome!! I’m going to have to pop on over to your blog to say hello.

    Lisa – thanks so much! I think if I were able to go back and retake that first photo with my current digicam it would look so much better. But I think I might actually try cropping it and see how it looks.

    Athena – Oh, I’ve been to Cedar Crest before! We go that way when we take the 14 up into Madrid (great burgers at the Mine Shaft). But yes, NM can be stunningly beautiful!

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