Consider Me Appalled

We were just now driving back from dinner with a friend (Don Cuco’s in Tolouca Lake – yum!) and you’ll never guess what I heard on the radio. No, not Christmas music – though I am looking forward to that. No, it was Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant! I couldn’t believe my ears.

Why was I appalled you ask? Well, you see, it’s not yet Thanksgiving. It was a mere 11:00pm. Huh, you say. Well, Alice’s Restaurant is said to be based on a true story that occurred on Thanksgiving Day in 1965. It was basically your typical (if 18 minutes would ever be considered “typical”) anti-Vietnam war type of song complete with sing-a-long – the song’s storyline can be found here at Wikipedia. Traditionally, the song is only played (and annually played) at some point on Thanksgiving Day.

Seems the uber* annoying pot-head, Jim Ladd over at KLOS (with the annoying flash website) has his own version of the tradition. He seems to feel that since he doesn’t work on Thanksgiving, that the eve of Thanksgiving is well, good enough and therefore playing by the rules. I’m sorry, but you don’t fuck with tradition like that.

Hell, lay off the pot and at least wait another hour play it at midnight stoner-boy, the show’s on until fucking 2:00AM!!!! So yeah, this might seem silly, but some traditions just don’t need to be fucked with and I’m just a bit both bothered and yeah, appalled by this.

*Hey wordpress folks, where are those damn language symbols in spell check?

2 thoughts on “Consider Me Appalled

  1. Kat

    Country Dawn – thanks for being upset with me. While the above was written a bit tongue in cheek, it’s still just WRONG to play the song early. Thanks for the support and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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