Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m sure I could wax on (and on and on) about how thankful I am (‘cuz let’s face it, I am thankful for so many wonderful things) or about the meaning of Thanksgiving or whatnot. But really, I just don’t want to. Instead, I’d rather spend the next couple of non-family-obligation hours just relaxing.

I tried listening to some Christmas music, but I made it through two songs before it just started to annoy me. I’m choosing quiet and rat-a-tat tapping of my fingers on the keyboard as my background noise. Basically though, I’m ahead of the game: the trifle is made but for the final layer and crumbles; the brownies are sliced and packaged to curb further taste testing; the corn bread casserole is assembled and waiting to go into the pre-heated oven that last hour before leaving; the bags are packed with all my food offerings and bowls (and plastic wear and plates since one year the host inlaw neglected to double check that there were enough – there were none!); the wine is chilling and so am I.

The hubby is getting ready to take the pupster for a walk – but first he must update his iPod :insert rolleyes here: while the pupster goes insane waiting for the walk. I’ll be hopping into the shower in a bit so the curls will have a good chance to dry before we head out and then I’ll either curl up with my book club book or watch a little TV. But yeah, it’s a good day so far.

I wish you all a wonderful day filled with warmth, love, good food and good times. Please be safe while on the road. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

PS – I’m a little behind on catching up on everyone’s blogs and leaving comments (or even replying to my own comments), but rest assured, I’m following along. 

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