Don’t Do It!!! Don’t Go Out There!

I just got back from running a few last minute Christmas errands and great balls of Santa! Do not go out there! Everything, even the grocery store is a crazy mess. There are lines of cars just trying to enter the shopping centers! People are cutting each other off and not saying thank you (and you just know how that irks me!). They’re bumping into you and pushing and shoving, and well, downright rude. It’s mid-day, mid-week people – what the hell?!?

Luckily my first stop was at a small, local shoe repair and luggage shop – new luggage for the pre-teen nieces. That only left my nephew so I headed over to Tilly’s. Of course I had a helluva time just getting anywhere near Tilly’s. I finally found parking and headed in to find yep, you guessed it, a line. Not just any line mind you, but a long line with people with their arms full. Slow moving lines. Which of course meant a gift card. Which is fine since we got the HIM CD the other day so we’ll just hand it off to him and he’ll be fine.

So now, I am officially finished. This of course is great news since I’m not sure how much more abuse my credit card can take (stupid Amex is still acting up so we’re not using it while it sorts itself out). Tomorrow I’ll wrap and maybe take a photo or two and whooorah! I’m done.

Mind you, I haven’t yet heard from any of the in-laws as to which house we’ll be meeting at or how we’re divvying up the food prep. No worries for us though, I’ve got at least our Christmas morning taken care of – eggs, sausage & cinnamon bun-like strips. Just the right amount of protein and sweet 😀

I was still hoping to pick up a decanter for this awesome bottle of wine that our friend gave us so we could enjoy it either Christmas Eve or Christmas night, but I’m not about to deal with parking at the local mall or strip mall just for that. We have a bottle of prosceco we can enjoy instead 😉

So consider yourself warned & stay away, far away from any store, mall or strip! You can thank me later!

Next up…Wordless (or Not-So-Wordless) Wednesday – it may take a while to get them out of my camera, uploaded and published, but I assure you, it’ll be soon-ish.

1 thought on “Don’t Do It!!! Don’t Go Out There!

  1. Speedy Canizales

    Thank you for the warning.  Thankfully, I got my shopping over with last night except for a picture I need to print out at my local Rite Aid.  I hope there aren’t long lines at the drugstores (excluding the pharmancy) or we’re all in trouble.

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