I Did It!!!

I made my very first scarf!!

My First Scarf

No before getting too excited, let’s remember that it’s a no-knit scarf. But I still did it! And I think I’m going to make one more too using this other bulky yarn that I have.

My suggestions, figure out a way to stick that baby still. I used binder clips to clip it onto foamcore. I was then able to hold the foam core between my legs (wrapping the scarf around as it got longer) while tying the knots. It reminded me of making those old embroidery floss, knotted bracelets back in middle school. Just like then, it took a bit to get the hang of the knot making, but once I got going it was easy work.

I also managed to bake 7 mini loaves of quick bread. I’ve got 2 banana nut, 2 banana and 3 orange cranberry (thanks Trader Joe’s for the mix). Now my freezer is nearly empty of our over-ripe bananas.

Holiday Loaves

I’d have baked one more batch, but I ran out of butter for the batter. Of course, I didn’t realize this before considering the entire reason I went to the store was to buy flour to make the damn bread – did I mention that I left $100 later?!?! Insanity, but I know have fixin’s for both Christmas and New Year’s dinners.

Post-Script – Gossip Girl is still one of my favorite shows this season.  I love it.

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