Wild Boys Always Shine

They tried to break us
looks like they’ll try again

What the hell is up with the 101 today? I just spent an hour of my life stuck on there, maybe traveling 12 or so miles. Insanity. To make matters worse, you’d start getting up some speed, but without fail, every time you’d hit a bend in the freeway, you’d somehow manage to come to a complete stop.

Of course, right at the 134/101 split, things opened right up. I often wonder where this mysterious traffic disappears to if its no longer in front of you. Really, where does it go to?

It helped that I had a great mix of tunes to occupy my time. Nothing makes traffic more bearable than screaming along to Duran Duran’s Wild Boys. Trust me.

4 thoughts on “Wild Boys Always Shine

  1. tearsinmycoffee

    Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve been in lots of traffic, but as long as I have my ipod, I’m more than happy.

    The tune I love to jam to is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”

  2. Ambrosiality

    lol I’ll pretend I know what those streets or highways are! But I feel you on traffic! i feel like pulling out my hair & the radio ads get on your nerves after a while. yay for mp3 players.

  3. Robin

    I hate the 101! It seems no matter what time of day I’m on it, there’s always traffic! But you’re right. Good tunes make it bearable.

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