I Want to be All a’Twitter

Really I do. But um, well, I just don’t really get it. And let me just say, I feel like a failure for even admitting that. I mean, I consider myself a bit of a techno-geek.

I remember last year at SXSWi there were Twitter boards placed in the halls and well, I didn’t get it then. And now, right before most of the bloggers went to SXSWi ’08 everyone was all a’twitter about Twitter and again, still nothing on my part.

Many of the business blogs I read rave about Twitter. Even quite a few of the fun, non-biz blogs I read also rave about it. What am I missing? I don’t want to go to BlogHer and be the only one not Twittering. I mean that’s just wrong (not that I’m a sheep that needs to follow the herds, blah, blah – make that bah, bah). But if this is some brilliant form of new networking technology then I need to get a grasp of it. I need to educate the masses (well, at least the masses within the LWL network).

So please, can someone please explain to me, in easy, simple terms…why do I need to get on Twitter and what it will do for me? Is it more than just a waste of time? Oh and where does one find Twitter pals?

I’m a total newbie, I admit it. So I ask you, can anyone please help a blogger gal out?

8 thoughts on “I Want to be All a’Twitter

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Well I need more to go on that just that woman! What do you do? Why do you do it? What prompts you to do it? Do you do it for networking or for fun?

    Come on, help a gal out!!!

  2. Dawn

    If you go to the Twitter homepage, they offer a video. Watch that. It says it better than I ever could! And all I can say as a personal testimonial is that once you start, it’s very addictive.

  3. sizzle

    I’ll confess, I don’t get what all the hubbabaloo is about. I’ve been twittering and honestly, it’s just too much contact and too much information for me. I don’t need to know what everyone is doing every second of the day. I like a simple, concise blog post that fills me in on whatever they feel like talking about that day. I do not need a message board. And yet, I joined and I tried it.

    I think for me I just get to a place where I feel like I am TOO connected. And not in “real” life. Ya know?

  4. cynematic

    I know, I feel the peer pressure to Twitter too! But what holds me back is the feeling that I’ve already splashed half my crazy all over the interwebz…do I really need to splash the other half everywhere? Prolly not.


    PS Don’t you secretly love LA?

  5. Sheila

    So ironic you posted this because just last week I signed up for Twitter. Went through to verify my cell phone and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to text from my Blackberry. I almost blogged about it, but felt like an idiot. After Googling, I learned my BB won’t text. Who knew. It was my first phone with internet capabilities.

    Even now, I don’t get why I would want to Twitter. Really, who would be interested to know at 5:12pm on a Wednesday I was taking a break?

  6. Remarkablogger

    When you’re standing on the outside, twitter is even harder to “get” than blogging. Just jump in, start following other people (my followers list would be a decent place to start). If you reply to others, they tend to follow you, too. Share stuff that’s too small to make a full post here, like cool links and stuff. Download and use the Twhirl application. Immerse yourself for 2 weeks. See if you don’t see things differently after that.
    BTW, thanks for reading me and the link. 😉
    See ya on the tweet side!

  7. Dawn

    If you go to the Twitter homepage, they offer a video. Watch that. It says it better than I ever could! And all I can say as a personal testimonial is that once you start, it's very addictive.

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