Not Fair!!

Consider yourself warned that this will be the post where a grown adult bitches about zits…

Really.  How is it even possible that continue to get zits when you’re damn near pushing forty?  Isn’t it bad enough that I blessed with horrible skin through most of my adult life.  Isn’t the fact that I have to pay a pretty penny to see a dermatologist (not covered by my basic co-pay) on a regular basis painful enough?  What about the $60+ prescriptions that bleach my clothes and my bedding?

While I don’t mind the occasional, monthly, PMSy blemish from time to time.  But really, the painful ones?  The ones that take nearly a week to surface at which time you’ve dried up half your chin with the prescriptions, yet it’s still there?  Come on, give a gal a break.  Let me have some clear, blemish (and crater) -free skin for longer than a month please.  Shouldn’t I at least be rewarded in some way for getting older and getting even closer to 40?  When is it going to stop?!?!?!


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