Do You Have a Diet Soda Addiction?

I only ask because I wonder this myself.  Shine (you know, Yahoo’s new “womens” network) did a story the other day (thanks go input from Hungry Girl and quite a few folks commented regarding their own addiction to diet sodas. I’m not sure sure I’m an “addict” as I don’t seem to show any of the “side effects” that most talk about.  To be honest, I can go days without caffeine without so much as a migraine (and I actually suffer from migraines from time to time).  But I do wonder if many of the folks leaving comments about migraines and general aches are actually talking about a diet soda addiction or something more akin to a basic caffeine addiction.

If you are thinking about kicking the diet soda habit (I do hear that it’s quite bad for you – especially the aspartame)  then let this list of alternative drinks over at Noshtopia help you out.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop also has some helpful advice.  Me, I think I’m ready to cut down (more than I already do).  I think I’ll be going back to water or iced tea as my beverages of choice when I’m out of the house – I drank far too much Coke while I was sick for me to feel comfortable with myself.

5 thoughts on “Do You Have a Diet Soda Addiction?

  1. Karen

    Many years ago I found that it wasn’t the caffeine or the sweetness or any of that that I was craving every afternoon. It was going to the fridge at 3pm, hearing the POP-HISS as I opened a can, and then having something COLD and BUBBLY. So now I drink cans of flavored seltzer (like Polar or Adirondack), which have ZERO calories, carbs, sugar, sodium, Nutrasweet, Splenda, etc. Just carbonated water and “natural flavors.” I like black cherry and mandarin orange the best.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    That’s a great idea.  I think part of my love is the carbonation as well.  But honestly, I love water and will drink right from the tap so I’m not all that crazy addicted.  When I’m sick though, then it’s all about the syrup and I just out and out crave Coke from a fountain.  I blame my grandmother for that one since she used to give us Coke syrup for sore throats as kids (you could actually get it from the pharmacist).

  3. Tara

    My step dad had an addiction having a diet soda when he drove to work in the morning etc, it got to the point where is doctor suggested he quit! So do be careful, switch to seltzer or something.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    If I have a soda a day, I have a lot of soda.  Which is why, having read so many of those comments, I wonder if most of those people are actually addicted to the caffeine.  I just figure cutting out the diet sodas (and hopefully the artificial sweetners) is a baby step for me.

  5. sizzle

    My boyfriend has an addiction to diet soda. I think it plays a part in his acid reflux. He gets really out of it and sleepy if he doesn’t have the soda.

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