Let the Birthday Planning Commence!

My birthday is in just a couple of weeks.  It’s not a landmark year, but it’s far too close to that landmark year, if you know what I mean.  While I typically celebrate one-on-one with my husband on the actual day (and then with a girlfriend sometime thereafter), I like to plan a dinner with my girlfriends too.

So I’m starting the planning stages of mine and wonder how many people – or in this case, women – plan our own birthdays.

Of course I was smart enough to also start reminding the hubs.  Then again, I also need to remind him of our anniversary (just to be on the safe side) the five days before my birthday.  I’m thinking that he can start thinking about my gift now. It sounds petty and shallow, I know, but I didn’t get anything for Christmas or Valentine’s Day this year (long story) and I just want something from his heart (he writes beautiful cards when he takes the time to buy them).

Any suggestions on kinds of food or party atmosphere for my girl’s night?  I’d go with tapas, but we’re doing a group tapas dinner next week (and the big day is only a week after that).  What about a fun giftie idea for the hubs?  I’m eying the new Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper cookbook, but I just might buy that myself with some birthday gift cards (from the in-laws).

On a related note, please head on over to Sizzle’s house and wish her (an official) very happy birthday today!

2 thoughts on “Let the Birthday Planning Commence!

  1. Ivanhoe

    How about just different appetizers to nibble on? You could make a couple of them and have each girl to bring one? And you could do like a candle, make-up or a purse party, too…

  2. sizzle

    Aw thanks! 🙂 Do you like sushi? Because if you do, having a sushi making party is FUN. Everyone contributes ingredients, you provide the seaweed, rice and rollers and everyone gets to try new concoctions! I have done this many times and it is always a hit!

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