LA is Just Too Damn Big!

How is a gal supposed to find that perfect restaurant for her birthday celebration when the city is so large? Finding something centrally located aside, we still have too many kinds of restaurants to choose from. I’ve been Yelping nearly all day trying to find a place.

You’d think that as often as we dine out (sad, I know) that I’d at least have some ideas about where I might want to go to try for the first time. Or to at least know of a place that I enjoyed so much that I just have to go back again. Thing is, I want a good atmosphere, good food, good prices and good drinks. Oh and not to hip and trendy. Not too much to ask for, right?

It might just be easier if I didn’t also have our anniversary dinner to consider. Though I did decide that since our friend bought us a kick ass bottle of wine for Christmas that we’d drink it for our anniversary. So the actual night of, we’ll just stay home and enjoy the wine with something I’ll make (I’m open to any elegant, yummy, easy, non-salmon recipes or suggestions).

Okay, back to Yelp. I’ve got some work to do. Happy Friday everyone.

3 thoughts on “LA is Just Too Damn Big!

  1. Joy Kennelly

    Hey Girlfriend, I highly recommend asking Amy J, Jennifer’s friend you met. She knows anywhere and everywhere. Plus, since she’s a chef, she knows what’s good and what’s not!
    Enjoy! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Geggie

    What did you decide for dinner?

    I’m heading to the gym, now.

    I’m home Monday and Friday is all.  But next week, I’m on vacay from Wednesday to Monday.  Whoo hoo!

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