Not Much To Say Lately

It must be something in the water. I notice that many of the bloggies I follow haven’t been all that chatty lately. Even my email seems quiet lately.  I’ve been busy. I’ve been going to shows, hanging out with friends, reading books, taking pictures, watching movies and even doing some shopping. I’ve been planning my birthday, our anniversary and my birth-a-versary. I’ve been working, networking, meeting new folks. Really, just keeping busy.

But I just don’t have much to say about anything. Interestingly enough, the same is true on the phone with friends and even face to face with my husband. I just don’t have all that much to say. The funny thing, I’ve got about 25 or so drafts started in here that I could probably just writing something about. But I just don’t feel the need or the urge, or the desire. I guess I’m just riding the quiet wave.

I will say that I’m thrilled that decent TV will start back up again this week. It’s about freakin’ time that ABC is bringing their line-up back! I don’t even think I remember where we left off with GA or with Lost and that’s pretty sad if I do say so myself. But of course, I think I’m most thrilled that my guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl will be back! That’s a big’ol WooHoo!!

On that note…I’m out of things to say…


2 thoughts on “Not Much To Say Lately

  1. Ivanhoe

    I just feel kind of same. I got done with the wedding and a cruise and now trying to go back to “normal” life. It sucks! :o)))))))

  2. speedycanizales

    How bizarre that I’ve been feeling the same way this week!  It’s like, Internet, are you there?  It’s me Abby!

    I’ve been checking my e-mail this week and have hardly gotten any messages, except from bank employees in Burkina Fasso who want to let me in on a little secret, something about an abandoned account worth $50M?

    Anyway, nice to know someone else has felt it too…

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