Okay, Now I Have Something To Say

So I registered for BlogHer a while back. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the agenda and have been checking every couple of days. I’ve also anxiously been awaiting some activity on the room-share board. Well, turns out we’re now all fucked.

The BlogHer room deal is already sold out. Now all that can be found through Starwood are $350+ rooms. That’s a per night fee! For three nights! Three hundred and fifty fucking dollars a night!!!! Um, legitimate business expense or not, I won’t be staying there.

This sucks for a few reasons, first of which, I’m really not a fan of San Francisco (I know, I know, I’m just not a city kind of gal and well, that place just freaks me out!). And it kind of sucks that since I’ll be going alone I won’t be staying where all the action is. I want to be part of the cool kids crowd *wahhhh*

Okay, no worries. The husband remembered the last boutique hotel we stayed at while in SF. Turns out it’s right across the street from the St. Francis. And it’s $150 less a night than the St. Francis (and includes the internet fees and tea time). So I’ll be staying there instead and will still be close enough to be part of the cool kids crowd. Since they were sold out of doubles already I just said fuck it and got a room of my own.

I’m thankful that’s all done. All I have left to do now is book my flight. I’ll wait until things get closer to do that though. Heck, we have other flights and rooms to book still in late May and early June. July just seems so far off still.

3 thoughts on “Okay, Now I Have Something To Say

  1. sizzle

    I wasn’t planning on staying where BlogHer is because (holy shit) those rooms are pricey! Maybe I will check out your hotel. I’m only staying Friday night since I have friends that live in Berkeley that I can crash with but I don’t want to have to Bart back after cocktail parties.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    The Kensington is still $200 for the night, but that’s better than the $350 that the St. Francis jumped to.  I have a feeling there are other BlogHer gals there since all the doubles were already sold out.

    The good thing about the Kensington (not counting the cute, boutiqueness, the free internet and the awesome bed – though watch your shins/foot on the corner of that bed!) is that if the price lowers between now and then and I catch it, they’ll grant me the lower price.  Though I’m assuming it won’t since again, I figure the BH ladies will be taking it over – but it’s still good business.  I think their other hotel (the Diva) is within walking distance in the opposite direction if you want to check that out.  They’re a Union Square Boutique chain so all of their hotels are in that area.

  3. Tara

    I really wanted to attend BlogHer this year, but my tickets to Bette Middler’s concert is that weekend so I’ll be worrying about the price of hotels in Vegas instead. Good luck and I look forward to reading your blog posts about the conference.

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