F*ck a Duck!

My girlfriend just sent me a series of emails while I was out regarding an October women’s retreat that we wanted to do. It’s in Ashville, NC and absolutely beautiful out there any time of the year.  We were so excited.  And I’d actually, finally, get to visit the Biltmore!

First we wanted March, but realized it was too soon for us to make the arrangements.  Then we settled on June until I remembered my friend’s wedding and realized it was the same weekend.  So lastly, October was our target.  It took some work on her part to talk her husband into watching the boys – especially with it being so close to their anniversary.

She decided that we should pay for it now to secure our spot (and so she wouldn’t spend her bonus money on something else).  So we agreed to get online and do just that.  Then I headed out to Trader Joe’s…and come home to six emails from her.  The last one…”well damn!”

Turns out the October retreat is booked.  Mind you, there are still spots in the June session (of course!).  So now we’re both bummed that we don’t get to do the whole female bonding in the woods with massage, meditation and song thing.  Needless to say, we will be following Ms. Christine Kane very, very closely for her posting of the ’09 retreat schedule (thanks to my handy, dandy Reader!)

And now, I must finally start working on tomorrow’s workshop presentation!  Back to work for me!

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