The Squirrels Must Die!

No really.

I was going to do a sweet post about Earth Day and all the ways we can be more green and all the ways I’ve embraced being green. But um, yeah…the squirrels messed that all up.

So I’ve mentioned the varmints living in the wall, the ceiling and the floors a time or two (too lazy to link back, sorry). Well, I called our landlord the other day, but I don’t think she believes me. She figures the squirrels are on the roof and well, end of story.

Thing is, it’s so NOT the end of the story. They’ve managed to find a way to go in and out of the roof (yes, I believe I found it, it’s even hinged and easily, accessibly right off of the cable for their convenience believe it or not). The thing is, our war with the squirrels goes on even longer than this rooftop dancing and scratching they’ve taken to.

You see, they taunt my dog. No, seriously. They get on the brick wall, face either the screen door or any of the three windows and well, taunt him by making their annoying little clicking noises all while shaking their bushy tails at him. And yes, as expected, he goes ballistic! But wait…there’s more.

On the front of the house, the lower part, just below the windows is brick. For purely aesthetic reasons I’m sure, there is a brick-wide ledge just below the windows. So what do you think happens? We (the cat, the dog and myself) will be innocently sitting on the couch watching TV, surfing the net, talking on the phone, reading, what have you, and POP! up comes a squirrel head looking in the front window. Repeat this about five times until someone notices him and all hell breaks loose.

Mind you, he only picks the window where the cat’s tower is at, not the one where we have a chair blocking most of the window. No, these guys know what they’re doing. They’re focused little buggers! At the rate they’re going, I’m going to be less inclined to stop my car while they cross the street from here on out.

Long story short, aside from the annoying rooftop scampering parties, ceiling scratchings, and intentional instigating, the boys are in non-stop stress mode now. The cat can’t move about the house without the dog trying to attack him. Neither seems to be able to rest during the day since they’re both on guard. And me, well, I’m ready to kill anything with four legs! By 8:00PM they’re both passed out exhausted on the couch barely functioning. Its sad really.

Something must be done! Any suggestion for this poor, work-at-home gal being driven crazy by furry animals? I’m tempted to blast them with the hose, but to do that puts me awfully close to them (right along the cinder blocked wall they love to use to achieve total dog taunting mode). Hell, I’ll start with any good suggestions for just getting the landlords to believe me since by the time they get home the squirrels have left for the day.

Really, We’re all at wit’s end here.

1 thought on “The Squirrels Must Die!

  1. Ivanhoe

    Oops. No advice here. Sorry I must laugh, you wrote about it in such a funny way… Try to take picture or video and show it to the landlord.

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