Anniversary Flowers

These are the beautiful (if not overwhelmingly aromatic) lilies that the hubby bought me yesterday for our anniversary. Today, twice as many blooms are opened (making things even more aromatic still) than yesterday, and at least a good dozen flowers are still closed and not yet blooming. I’m sure by Sunday the bouquet will be amazing.

Happy Anniversary Flowers

Hmmm…I wonder if the lovely (if not overwhelming aroma) has anything to do with my allergies going insanely crazy today?

5 thoughts on “Anniversary Flowers

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks Mrs. M – I love to buy myself flowers from time to time.  Between the farmer’s markets and Trader Joe’s I can find some inexpensive, but still pretty flowers.

    Since it’s been a couple of days now, I can officially say that yes indeed, those flowers are making my allergies go insane.  Next time, maybe we can stick to tulips 🙂


  2. Stacey

    Those are beautiful! I love fresh flowers, but alas my cats like them more and therefore they don’t remain beautiful for more than 5 minutes.  Even when I put them on my fireplace mantle. Sigh.

    Enjoy them and Happy Anniversary!

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