Life Lesson: Don’t Rush the Season

Logically by now, we should all know this.  But really, how exciting is it to see the first fruit of the season?  Walking through the farmer’s market, I get so excited when the first strawberries appear or the first peaches.  The other day at the grocery store, it was the first of those crazy addictive mini watermelons.  So of course I had to grab one and officially start my summer addiction.

Sadly, it sucked.  It wasn’t sweet.  It was all mealy and dry.  It was a major pain in the ass to even slice up.  Not fun and not tasty.  Not to mention, a totally waste of $3!  Such a disappointment.  During the summer, I blow through two of these babies a month for like 3-4 months.  They’re that good!

My lesson: don’t rush the season.  Luckily, I can take advantage of the farmers markets and taste most of my fruit before I buy.  I can walk away when that peach tastes more like nothing than like peaches.  Don’t believe the hype.  Just because things are in the store (and might even be priced decently), don’t waste your money if it’s not yet the right season.

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