You Got Mud on Your Face, You Big Disgrace

somebody better put you back into your place!

Yeah, yeah, so I’m a bit of a Queen fan.  Actually, I tend to forget just how much I love Queen until I hear them on the radio.  And well, then I just can’t seem to stop singing along and dancing in the driver’s seat.  ‘Cuz Queen, well, they totally rock.  And um…I do have mud on my face right now as I type this.

So last night we attended the Cheap Trick/LA Phil’s tribute to Sgt. Pepper.  It was an absolutely awesome show (then agian, I’d expect nothing but excellence from both Cheap Trick and the LA Phil).  There were some guest performers as well, though they only one I really enjoyed was some Ian guy from a band called Gomez (and yes, I honestly don’t know who that is).  But to listen to an entire show, outdoors, under the stars of nothing but Beatles tunes, well that was just a great night indeed.

Today we got the family together (in-laws) and celebrated the past four months of birthday season.  Out of the 14 (including the baby), 9 of our birthdays are from March through to June.  It makes for a crazy season, that’s for sure.  It was fun to hang out together though.

I was good too.  I didn’t stress about anything. I made the salad, picked up some award winning guac from the farmer’s market and we stopped by Marie Calendar’s for a strawberry pie (to offset the birthday cake and ice cream).  I left everything else to everyone else.  Overall, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of letting go the planning and coordinating of all the in-law functions if I do say so myself.

The gifts were fun too!  I got a bath & body package (hence the mudd – my face is now SO smooth!), a $25 Amex gift card and a beautiful necklace and earring set.  The hubs got all gift cards – Best Buy, Fry’s and Amex (which I’ll no doubt be spending).  But the best part…I borrowed my brother-in-law’s steam cleaner!  I can finally clean our carpets, our couch AND steam clean our ancient tile floors.  SCORE!  So excited about this.

I’ve also decided to pick up a Flip video camera.  I figure I can use it to make video blog posts both here and on my biz site.  But more importantly, I’m hoping to interview some of the gals at BlogHer so I can ask them important blogging questions – how did you get started, how did you find your niche, what can you recommend, blah, blah – so that I can post them on my biz site.  We have a batch of Amex gift cheques that have just been lying about that I’ll cash in for the camera, so it won’t cost anything out of pocket (and the hubs has those birthday giftcards for me to spend!) 😉

Okay, that’s it for me.  I’ve got to do some research on Grammar Girl so I can write up a couple of questions for her (we’ll be giving away her new book on my site the second week in July).  And tomorrow I’ve got a workshop on networking – online and off – to prepare for.  I’m changing things up from my last workshop, so it’s pretty much starting from scratch.  Should be fun though!

Hope you all have a happy Monday.

pleadin’ with you eyes gonna make you some peace someday.

3 thoughts on “You Got Mud on Your Face, You Big Disgrace

  1. MissAttitude

    Wow! You have been busy.  Sounds like a lot of fun!  Let me know how the Flip video camera works out.  I would love to do videos on my site too.

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