Once Again The Hollywood Hills are Ablaze

Griffith Park is on fire. Again. Sadly, this little “accidental arson” has caused quite a bit of damage. Over 800 acres were damaged. Over three hundred residents had to be evacuated. Both the zoo and the newly upgraded, Griffith Park Observatory were at risk. Luckily, now, it’s listed as 50% contained. Thankfully, nearby friends are okay. But really, this is some scary stuff.

We went out late last night to take some pictures. It was amazing to see how close the fire came to us. Even now, over 24-hours later, I can smell the fire likes it’s in my backyard (which is interesting considering yesterday I couldn’t smell the fire at all). Yet when you walk outside, there’s no smoke plume and no ash.

This is a picture standing on our street corner (basically) aiming towards the zoo…

This is a photo that shows how close to the freeway the fires reached…

Notice how much of the actual hill is on fire – only that one patch of vegetation remains…

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