I Have No Voice Thanks to BlogHer08

But don’t get me wrong, I had a blast.  I have some video clips, a couple of photos (not many come to think of it), and tons of business cards, but with such a wonky connection here in the room, it’s not worth even trying to get any of it up.  So instead, I thought I’d just post a little something while I wait for my shuttle back to  Oakland.

I really can’t wait to dig into my pile of biz cards and start checking out those new sites.  I met some awesome people that I know I’ll be keeping in touch with: Clair, Erica, Jennifer & Heather to start with (no blog links right now, but I believe I mentioned them in the previous post…dunno right now).  And it was great to finally get a moment to chat with Sizzle over champagne in Macy’s!

I’ll go into the pros and cons of the event itself in another post.  The things that were right, were so spot on.  The things that need some rethinking and improvement would make the event even better still.  But since I don’t won’t anyone to get offended or bothered (so much work goes into planning these sort of events), I don’t want to write it up on the fly.  Make sense.

Speaking of Macy’s, that was one helluva party.  We had private areas on four floors: purses, shoes, lingerie and a “club” in furniture.  We had wine, champagne, new Starbucks protein drinks, plenty of yummy appetizers and tasty macaroons.  We had contests to enter (which was how I won a new Lacoste bag – and of course, they have some flashy, flash site and I can’t find the damn bag!) and samples to pick up.  Then we ended up lounging around the living room sets just munching on food and drinking good wine from Oops.  Of course, eventually, the crowds and the music got to be too much and well, now I don’t have much of a voice.  Oh well, it happens right?

Okay, time to get downstairs and wait for my shuttle.  I should be fine with my bags.  All my clothes are in a carryon size bag that I’m checking and all my swag is in my actual suitcase.  Here’s hoping I’m not exceeding the 50 pound limit this way.

Catch you on the flip side!

6 thoughts on “I Have No Voice Thanks to BlogHer08

  1. Sarah Auerswald

    I had such a fantastic time meeting new people and getting great ideas — and it was so cool hanging out with you and Alexis! I hope your voice comes back soon!

  2. Jennifer Taggart

    Girl, does that mean you are selling the bag?  My husband’s first question when I showed him it was “are you putting it on eBay because that is not you.  at all.”  So my new bag from BlogHer is going on eBay.  It was so good to hang out with you and you are one heck of a chick to get a blog up so quickly.


  3. LA Blogger Gal

    Miss Attitude – I did have some fun.  I hope to write up the pros and cons on Monday (don’t hold me to that).

    Sarah – it was great hanging out with you.  We need to compare notes about BlogHer.  I also liked finally meeting Alexis. 

    Jennifer – I’m so exhausted!  But yes, I do believe I’ll be selling the bag (was lucky enough to not have to use it and still have nearly 15 luggage pounds to spare!!)  I’m so glad we got the chance to meet, you were great to hang out with.  We need to plan a lunch one day soon.

    Unrelated to these comments…odd how my CommentLuv doesn’t seem to be working (unless all three of you unchecked the box).  Must look into this…

  4. Sallie

    Aw man! I missed out on the Macy’s party, which seemed like the best one to go to! 🙁
    Looking forward to your pros and cons…im writing mine up as well. Agreed on the pat about ‘needing more thought’

  5. Sarah Auerswald

    I had such a fantastic time meeting new people and getting great ideas — and it was so cool hanging out with you and Alexis! I hope your voice comes back soon!

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