Finally, Some Photos From BlogHer!

To be honest, I only took the camera out once while waiting in the hall for the entrepreneur breakout session and then again, when Jennifer from TheSmartMama and I won our bags at the Macy’s closing party.  So bear with me.

The Pile o’ Business Cards (I will compile a list…eventually)

Some of the Biz Cards from BlogHer08

Some of the Swag (some was still buried in the suitcase)

BlogHer08 Some of the Swag

Speaking of the suitcase…I had to take out all my clothes and squish them in a carry on bag to make room for the swag

The Swag Packed Up - BlogHer08

Lookee above, I won a bag!! Not my style and I’ll be putting it up on eBay, but still very cool!

And check it out…a blogger…blogging!! (actually I just now realized that that’s Patricia Handschiegel formerly of Style Diary – second time I heard her speak…she’s got her shit together and isn’t afraid to share her ups and downs – I really need to reach out to her)

BlogHer08 - Look Ma, a Blogger Blogging

And now I must head out to lunch with a LWL friend. Need to catch up…

4 thoughts on “Finally, Some Photos From BlogHer!

  1. Sugar

    I recognize that swag! The only thing is that I did not buy a bag at Macy’s. I SOO wanted one of those Ed Harvey numbers! It was like a cross between a tattoo, a motorcycle, and a bowling bag. Gotta have it!

    Found you over on Crummy Cupcake. Isn’t she a cool chick? Miss her already…

  2. karen

    First off, sad I missed meeting you *again* while you were in SF, but we seemed to have swapped places as I was in L.A.

    Second, when I saw the pic above, I thought–That looks like Patricia and lo and behold, it is!  She’s an amazing woman who I’ve had the chance to interact with a few times.  She was a panelist for a conference I did and we now have many mutual friends.  Definitely reach out to her…she loves meeting other strong women! 😉

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