Life Lesson: Car Rental Schmar Rental

Guess what? Turns out there’s a serious difference in the daily rate between booking a car for a week and booking a car for 1 day and 16 hours. I’ve done Hotwire before for our car rentals and I’ve gotten some great rates. This time though, there’s not much of a rate difference between Hotwire and the standard travel sites.

I guess I learned that there’s a difference between with how far out you should book your car even if you’re using a discount service. I figured that like the hotels, they’d rather have the room (in this case the car) booked, than unbooked and thus, give you a bargain on Hotwire. Turns out that’s not the case. If I’d booked our car a few weeks back, when we first started making our plans, I’d be saving about half the price.

Who knew?!? Well, probably everyone else but me. Oh well, it’s all about visiting and hanging out with my long time friend. And um…drinking wine.

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