Face It, I’m Getting Older

I was watching the VMAs earlier and realized that lord help me, but I’m getting older.  I didn’t recognize half the performers.  I thought most of the nominated songs sounded like crap.  Hell, I tend to think that most music out there today sounds like crap (makes me a fun date for a concert – Speaking of…Squeeze show is on Friday..woohoo!).  And well, I just didn’t get half the outfits or the odd hairstyles.  I did happen to love the host Russell Brand (but I also noticed no one else in the audience seemed to enjoy his humor or his politics or thoughts on promise rings).

And don’t even get me started on the guy who kept grabbing his crotch.  What the fuck was that all about?!?!  I mean what civilized human would do such a thing?  In public?  On an internationally televised broadcast???  And who the hell wears a hoodie to an awards show when you’re actually up for an award or two?!?!

Maybe I shouldn’t have been watching a Cribs marathon leading up to the VMAs.  Maybe I shouldn’t have gone out to eat at some trendy new place on Sunset where all the women were wearing far too much eye make-up and the men were wearing more product than I was.

I guess we should just face it…I’m at that point where I’m becoming my mother (or in my case, my grandmother since she’s the one that raised me when my mom passed).  I never would have seen that one coming looking into my future.  So very sad.

So what sort of thing drives you crazy nowadays that never used to?  Are you any closer to becoming your parents?

5 thoughts on “Face It, I’m Getting Older

  1. RazorFamilyFarms.com

    I hate…. the Blue Tooth.


    I said it.

    All these people walking around with that contraption stuck to their ear chatting away to seemingly imaginary friends while they were in mid-sentence with bank tellers, doctors, etc.  Geez!  It drives me nuts.  Are they really so important that they they must be plugged in at all moments.  Can they really not afford to miss a call?  They spend all that money on a special ringback tone for their voicemail — and no one ever gets to hear it because no one is ever sent to voicemail.  It’s a cell phone — not a lifeline. 


    I’m steaming just thinking about it.

    Oh, and I agree about the crotch grabbing.  Mercy!

    What are the VMAs?


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  2. sizzle

    The other day I actually said, “Why is everyone always on the phone? What in the hell do they have to talk about so much?” Then later I got irritated by the foul mouths of the youngsters that we work with at my agency. And when I saw a coworkers kid drinking coffee I wondered when in the hell that became acceptable (he’s like 13).

    Also, there is some really crappy music that is popular right now.

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  3. LA Blogger Gal

    Lacy – The VMAs are the MTV video awards.  So of course, it was jam packed with music that I’ve never even heard of.  Heck, I didn’t even know that MTV still played videos anymore. 

    Between you and me, I can’t get into the whole Bluetooth thing either (and I have two killer Bluetooth thingies that I never use).  I just stick to my old fashioned earbud.

    Sizzle – I totally hear you on the coffee and those stupid energy drinks.  What the hell??  Maybe if those kids slept at night they wouldn’t need all that energy.  Glad to hear I’m not the only one bugged by those “kids” these days – LOL

    CurlyWurly – Radio?  What’s that?  Yeah, we do NPR in this house if it’s not a CD.

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