Is Anyone Else Overwhelmed by Passwords & Secret Questions?

I downloaded my new ringtone yesterday.  Thing is, I wasn’t able to access it.  So while I was able to purchase it, I couldn’t find it anywhere on my phone.  So today I tried to see what was up online. Only, um I can’t recall the login info.  Of course I managed to get myself locked out of the account.  Again.

Tthe account, while my phone, is all under my husband’s name since it’s all bundled in with the phone, internet and dish, and I can’t follow up with anything.  Or at least I can’t access anything without the main account password.  Which of course, brings us back to square one…I can’t recall what that might be and they can’t give any hints (like mother’s maiden name, city born, pet, etc).

I’m over all these passwords.  Especially when I can’t pick the questions myself like on my student loan account.  They ask questions that I don’t care about and are just plain asinine…favorite food or drink?  Hello, doesn’t that change depending on your mood?  And let’s face it, my favorite food or drink at 21 will surely be something different than my favorite food or drink at 40…pizza and beer vs a filet mignon and a merlot or a well made martini or cadillac margarita?

The other day I accessed our joint banking account and was once again asked to pick my security questions and answers.  All I can say is that I sure hope my husband remembers our basic relationship history or well, he’s screwed and won’t be able to get into our account.  That’s just wrong.  If you’re going to ask for security questions and answers, at least let us create them ourselves so they make sense.

Is anyone else over all these stupid passwords and security questions or am I just getting old?

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